Leading Edge Technology

The GWN Advisor Workstation is the heart of our technological advantage. Every step of the investment process is tracked in our singular proprietary system.

Advisor Workstation is GWN’s exclusively-packaged technology program, the first of its kind in the industry. It is one of the most advanced and affordable packages available to Financial Professionals in the industry. It combines the client management tools you need, with the financial engines that will make the most efficient use of your valuable time.

In the financial services industry, ever-changing regulatory requirements, paperwork, products and services, and reporting needs can create technological nightmares. Finding compatible programs and resources that work together to the Financial Professional’s benefit can present a huge challenge. GWN is proud to make available a very user-friendly technology package, consisting of several leading-edge programs, which will enhance an Financial Professional’s ability to conduct their everyday business. Advisor Workstation is truly a unique technology SOLUTION for the Financial Professionals who wants it all at their fingertips.

The GWN Advisor Workstation provides financial representatives with:

  • 24/7 access from any internet connected computer or mobile device
  • Consolidated client account integration
  • Internet access for clients and representatives at no additional expense
  • Comprehensive account and commission access and data mining
  • Full transparency of commissions and fees status and history
  • Transmittals and scanned images of all submitted documents by client


Portfolio Pathway

Portfolio Pathway provides financial professionals the tools needed to manage client accounts across multiple institutions in a single, web-based solution. From performance reporting, to operational workflow, to account aggregation, Portfolio Pathway can ease the burden of using multiple systems to get the information Professionals need to manage their business.


GWN’s integrated electronic delievery and signature


Laser App™ software helps auto-complete financial forms and applications from GWN, Pershing, and mutual fund and insurance companies by using the client data already available in GWN and Redtail. Choose a form from the menu and it appears with most of the client’s information already completed. Easily edit and print the forms for client meetings. Laserapp desktop version and Laserapp anywhere web based versions available.


Pershing’s NetX360™ system allows Financial Representatives to view brokerage accounts and current financial information. Broad-ranging functionality includes: Client account information, analytics, and on-line statements; robust equity, mutual fund, and options trading services; bond and ETF centers; variable annuity processing; securities quotes, news, and research; annual reports; InstantEDGAR; financial calculators; tax center; and marketing resources.


Finra compliant email package


Easy to use proposal tool featuring MAP program managers


ComplianceMAX™ platform is a web-based workstation designed to simplify the form adv. brochure process.


RegEd is the leading provider of Compliance Management, Compliance Education and Licensing and Registration solutions and services to broker-dealers, insurance carriers and insurance distributors.


Morningstar® Annuity Intelligence is an online tool that simplifies the process of researching variable annuity contracts, supporting suitability reviews, compliance, and sales. representatives, broker/dealers, and insurance carriers use it to quickly search, filter, sort, and analyze in-depth reports explaining variable annuities. These plain-English reports feature constantly updated, independent information on 2,100+ active and inactive contracts—including details found nowhere else on contract titling, spousal continuation, and benefits.



Redtail is an in-depth, advanced Client Relationship Management application that utilizes client information, meetings, back office workflow processes, opportunity trackers, and much more. It integrates with MarketingLibrary.net, MoneyGuidePro, Laser App, CopyTalk, Docusign, Portfoilio Pathway and other systems.


Advisors Assistant is a CRM for Financial Professionals and the Financial Services industry. It gives you instant, secure access to your client data from your desktop, from the Web, or from your mobile device anytime, anywhere.


MoneyGuidePro™ is web-based financial software that links directly to the client data in Investigo® and Redtail and focuses on the client’s financial goals by priority and importance. It is fast and easy to create meaningful, high-impact strategies that are sophisticated, but not complicated.


Their compliance-integrated MarketingLibrary has a vast library of client letters, economic updates, invitations, flyers, and seminars on all financial topics. The system has over 5000 compliance-friendly articles, economic updates, letters, newsletter articles, and invitations. Compliance ad review submission is just one click of a button, returned with an on-line Compliance Certificate to print for your ad review folder.


Automated asset management platform to help financial professionals scale their services for lower-end clients. The tool will then allow online clients to access the Riskalyze software to determine risk tolerance, sync outside assets,


Access to Morningstar’s comprehensive research database as well as portfolio analytic and diagnostic tools including Portfolio X-Ray, Stock Intersection and Portfolio Snapshot Reports. Research coverage includes Mutual Funds, US Stocks, Variable Annuity/Life policies and subaccounts, Closed-End funds, Exchange-Traded funds, and 529 plans. You have access to the Hypothetical Investment Illustration tool that allows you to create FINRA compliant reports showing the historical growth of a proposed investment or portfolio over a prior period backed with Investment Detail Pages and the proper discloser documents.


Recognized by financial planners and industry experts as perhaps the most effective planning tool available, Silver Financial Planner is ideal when working directly with clients who want to see immediate solutions to their retirement problems. Use the Live What-If? Scenarios tool to graphically project the potential future of their retirement situation, and then make changes to the assumptions right on the screen to illustrate the results of various financial concepts and techniques. Produce professional reports including informative text, detailed numbers, and instructive colorful graphs. Show your clients the long-term benefits of good financial planning.


Professional web design and social media content


Professional web design and social media content


Forefield Advisor™ is a sales, education, and client communication tool that enables financial professionals to deliver current, concise, and FINRA-reviewed resources to their clients.

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